We proudly feed Hay-Rite Alfalfa Cubes!
They are "Superior Grade" Premium Alfalfa Cubes from one source in Southern Utah. They are certified noxious weed-free and NO beetles. They are sun-cured, chopped, and cubed in the field. They are 100% Natural with NO dyes, chemicals, mold retardants, or preservatives. They are enriched with Bentonite Minerals, it increases absorption of nutrients, detoxes, and buffers the horses digestive system.

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Our recommended and preferred Joint Supplement is Exceed 6-Way by MVP. They have an OUTSTANDING line of Equine Products! They are clinically researched, they provide high levels of key ingredients for multi-level support. Contact Leah at 307-680-5636 to learn more about their special INTRODUCTORY OFFERS on these products.
307.680.5636 or 903.647.1066
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Here is a detailed look into our feeding program and the grooming products we use daily.
We are getting AMAZING results from the Enviro Equine Line of products!
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